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Virginia grew up in Chicago and moved with her husband, Hal, to Indiana in 1960.  For years she has been an interior designer with Marc T. Nielsen Interiors in Suman Valley, Valparaiso.

She became a serious painter in 1987, influenced by Harriett Rex Smith at a workshop at the Art Barn.  She continued to paint there with the inspiration of German Expressionist Konrad Juestel.

Virginia’s main focus is color with various degrees of abstraction.  Her paintings have been identified as in the style of Matisse, Gauguin, and Van Gogh.  Her works are found in collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998, she can no longer be a plein-aire painter and has been painting still life, and landscapes from photos, or looking out the many windows in her home in Suman Valley.

Virginia enjoys painting a series of one subject, challenged to make each painting have its own personality.  Some recent series include:

  • Red Umbrellas – 18 paintings inspired by photos taken in 1958 in Florence, Italy.
  • Sky, Lake and Dunes – 30 paintings which are divided into 3 segments of space:  The Sky, the Lake, and the Dunes. The location of most of the paintings is Northwest Indiana.
  • A Tango Dancing Couple – 4 paintings inspired by the popular “Dancing with the Stars.”
  • Suman Valley – A numerous collection of paintings inspired by Suman Valley and the views out her windows.

As recent as 2013, Virginia’s Lily painting was chosen to be one of six Easter Seal Stamps.  Another of her paintings was chosen previously in 2011. 

On this website, you will find new giclèe prints of her works. The giclèes are priced unframed.  Paper giclèes are shipped rolled within a tube.  Canvas giclèes are shipped stretched on a wooden stretcher.  They can all be made to original size or smaller, not larger. Frame the giclèes yourself or if you would like Virginia to, she can help you.

More about Virginia:

National MS Society, Momentum Magazine, Summer 2013:
Her painting “Red Umbrellas at the Duomo” is featured, as is her thoughts on the benefits of painting (in column 4)

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